Does the 15 team member limit on free version apply to organization or teams individually

I use Asana for work with a small team for a while now on a free plan and absolutely love it, but I’m also trying to get my professional development organization to start using Asana within our Committees.

I just want to clarify before we get too far down the road, does the note on the free plan, “Collaborate with up to 15 teammates” mean that you can only have up to 15 people on each team or is it 15 people in the organization as a whole? Based on what I’ve noticed within the teams I’ve created, it seems to be per team, but if I am wrong, that’s a big problem and won’t work out for my organization.

Can someone confirm?

Hi @Lauren_Bareiss

I can confirm that the 15 members free plan limit applies to the whole organisation - meaning that you can have a maximum of 15 members across your whole Organisation.

If some day you decide to move to a paid version (Premium/Business/Enterprise), you will be able to add guests for free :slight_smile: You can learn more in Paid Plans and Pricing Per User in Asana • Asana.

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have follow-up questions!

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Thanks Marie. I kind of figured that was the case because if not, you can just keep creating new teams and have endless groups of 15, but I wanted to be sure since each individual team shows a different number toward the 15 person limit. It’s a bit misleading.

As a follow up question, you can have multiple teams with those same 15 people in them and that won’t count toward your 15 right? As an example of what I mean. Say I’m on the Events Committee Team and the Marketing Committee team, my taking up a place on both teams does not count against the total 15 right, because I’m still one email address, one person?

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Hey @Lauren_Bareiss,

Correct; you can be a member of as many teams as you’d like, you will only occupy one seat in your Organisation :slight_smile: