Does Membership in Multiple Organizations Prevent App Integrations? (Harvest)

We’re MashMetrics and have our own Asana Organization/Workspace/Team and projects. We are members in an Asana Project in Google’s Organization.

Asana support is telling me that our membership in Google’s Organization/Project is preventing me from integrating Harvest into our MashMetrics Asana Organization/Workspace/Projects.

Screen video is below:
Harvest Integration Screen Navigation of Block

It is 5 minutes long, troubleshooting steps at the beginning that Asana asked me to do

My problem is presented around minute 1:06


@Josh_Nelson, I think your best bet is to pursue this with Asans Support as you’ve been doing. If you reach a dead-end there perhaps the Community Managers here can be asked to help escalate.

I could imagine being tied to Google as one of your orgs could prevent authorizing an app, but I would be surprised if it is the case that simply being a member of more than one org is causing an issue–surprised but not ruling it out if that’s what Asana Support said.

Sorry I can’t be of more help,



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