Does deprovisioning a member decrease the number of members in an Organization?


Here’s the deal: my company is currently using free Asana tier, and we would like to upgrade. The problem is that currently we have too many members, and before upgrading, we would like to cut down the number of people, so it would be more cost effective.

This brings me to a few questions, unfortunately, I couldn’t fit them all in the title:

  1. If I deprovision a member, does the number of members decrease? I deprovisioned one member, but the number Asana showed me stayed the same.
  2. I can’t see all the members - that is, if I count each member I can see, that number is lower than the number of members Asana says I have when I’m considering the upgrade (I am sure the number Asana provides is correct, I just can’t see all of those members).
  3. Not sure if this changed much, but can I clean up the roster without the Admin panel provided in the Premium? The point would be to decrease the number of members before the upgrade, not after.


Hi Ivan! Glad to hear you’re seeing value in the features available in Asana premium. I recommend that you reach out to our support team, as they’ll be able to look into your account info and give you more customized answers to your questions. They’ll be happy to help! Just paste what you told us here into your message at :slight_smile:


Just to answer my question - you need admin panel to change the number of members. Deprovisioning a member in free Asana doesn’t affect the number of members.