Does Creating Sections with CSV Importer using " : " Still Work?

Does Creating Sections with CSV Importer using " : " Still Work? I can’t seem to get it to :frowning:

I thought it still would but that is planned to changed, maybe it did :neutral_face: @James_Carl any idea? You are the designated CSV expert :grin:

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I don’t use the CSV Importer a lot because I think creating a project template etc is so much more worry free. Their are limitations on the importer. If you are trying to import tasks Sendana Add does that and their of course are no problems with sections. I have recently been looking at the CSV file to update my tool CSV to PDF and did notice that when I exported to CSV, the sections looked like tasks with : Whether that still imports or not I have not tried. But do consider the alternative approach if you are trying to add bulk tasks to a project or you have a free version that does not support Templates.

I can validate that it works with the " : "
Did an import yesterday without issue. It had both tasks and sub-tasks with sections.


I need some assistance on this very subject. I don’t quite understand what using “:” means. How does the column look for csv import in order to have it register as a section?
Thank you

Using “:” means having task which name ends up with “:” like This is a section:. What do you need to do @carthur?