Does Asana simply not possess any of the basic functionality one would expect in a task management app?


This is a reply concerning push notifications that was posted in another thread under “Product Feedback”. I am posting it here as it addresses the way in which apparently tasks be setup in order to trigger a push notification. I’m still a bit baffled as to how this could work. Seems like one should be able to set a due date/time and have the phone notify you when that date/time happens. Just like the myriad of other task managers do without fail.

Please note that her statement about “all android devices should support” notifications is does not match what was posted in this blog announcement ( as it states that only Android N devices are compatible with push notifications. So confusing. I really love Asana and want desperately to have one home for my trusted system.

Reply from other thread:


Hi Jill,
We use Asana as a task management in some teams (like the team I manage who is responsible for email marketing) and more of a collaboration and project management tool in other teams. It works well for collaboration / project management, but unfortunately I have found that Asana lacks a few essentials that you expect and need when using Asana as a task / ticket management system:

  • easy dashboarding (displaying tasks ordered in a few dimensions, not setting up a project as a dashboard where you manually move tasks across like is possible in Asana)
  • task numbering (a number that can be referenced by all)
  • reporting that is easy to do (including custom fields, not just by complete / incomplete, assignee etc)
  • linking tasks with proper dependency visibility (currently you can mark a task as waiting on another task, but this is then only visible on that task, you don’t get notified when the task you are waiting on gets completed, and of course you can’t say this task is blocking another other etc)
  • more options of how to view tasks across different projects
  • being able to force certain minimum fields to be populated when a new task is created (we have people adding sub-tasks, not adding anyone to the sub-task and then wondering why nobody has started working on it…)
    So let me know if you have found work arounds for any of the above! Asana has added / improved functionality over the last year, so i can just hope it continues getting better.
    Regards, Ines


Thanks Ines. That helps a lot to get a confirmation that a lot of people are using this as a collaboration tool on projects but it still seems weird to me that things like due dates are so minimized across the system. Lol.

I haven’t seen much about the issues you’re having but I know that custom fields are available. I included a link to a video about it up above if you scroll back.

I agree. The interface is just so streamlined and beautiful. There’s nothing else out there that can compare. I’m planning to just hang in there and hope they add robust push notifications and an overall everything dashboard at some point really soon.


Thanks. I’m pretty sure I have everything set up correctly. Are you getting email notifications or push notifications? I turned off email notifications because I am hardly ever in my email inbox anymore.


Hey, Jill. If you haven’t already, be sure to vote on the topic @AmyHampton referenced earlier in the thread: Push Notifications at ‘Due Time’. This still seems to be a pretty lively topic/request.

Good luck with your other use-case scenarios! The tip @Crystal_Alifanow mentioned about the search ‘reports’ is a good one. I’ve just recently started using those reports and they’re very useful.