Does Asana contain a community forum template like the one used here?

I love this community Q&A forum. Does this come as a part of Asana, as maybe a template or something? Because I think that would be the tipping point for us choosing this product for product and project management. I have been unable to a project/product management tool with this ability–not even Monday. I’m guessing since Asana is using it, that it’s part of their offering, probably a template for a space, but thought I’d confirm it! Thanks, in advance!

Hi @Charisma_Riley :wave:t4: and welcome to the Asana Community Forum.

I’m so happy to hear that you are finding it useful, and love being a part of this Community. I personally love it too and think it’s a great resource.

I am not entirely sure what you mean by “does this come as a part of Asana, as maybe a template”.

Are you referring to the Forum itself? If so, please note that this is an offering available to all Asana users. There is no current template, but you can always come here to post any questions or concerns you may have.

I look forward to your reply. Kind regards,

Cathya :sparkles::blush:

Hi, Cathya! I am referring to the forum itself. I’m truly hoping this is a feature that can be used as an internal discussion within teams within an account. For example, bring up concerns and thoughts and ideas, etc. in a more public forum. Just like this here. And if this forum is not a component of Asana, then I am confused. Why would it not be a part of the product they are selling?

Thanks for the reply and for clarifying your request @Charisma_Riley

To answer your question, the forum is not embedded into the product itself, so you don’t have the ability to use it for internal discussions within Teams for your account, although I can totally see how this can be really helpful.

Thanks for voicing your thoughts.

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Cathya :sparkles::blush:

Oh, boo!! We were looking for this exact feature and couldn’t believe we might have found it in a product/project management solution. You’d think that since sana the company feels there is a need for it, then clearly their customers do, too? Haha. Okay, well, we’ll keep looking then. Something must exist. Thanks for the help.

@Charisma_Riley, You can use this separate software product called Discourse, just as Asana has chosen to use it, separately from the product. See the thread ending with: