Does anyone know why Asana is mailing me about a new task that's assigned to me, but when I go in there I have no tasks?



I receive an email from Asana that says “You just got assigned a task, now what?”, but when I log in to Asana I see no tasks. Could you help me with this?


Hi @Allan_Gomez. In the email you should have a link to the task what happens when you click on that?



Hi @Jason_Woods. In the email there’s a button ‘Go to Asana’, upon clicking, it directs me to Asana home page, but the Tasks due are empty, the My Task list is empty too. If I’m part of a project would it trigger this mail? Thank you for reaching out.



Hi @Allan_Gomez, can you verify that you’re in the correct space? You might be looking at another Workspace/Organization attached to your account? Here is how to switch between spaces.

Let us know if that helps!


Hi @Marie, I am part of just one Workspace/Organization. Thanks.



Thanks for the follow-up @Allan_Gomez. That does sound strange.

Is this happening regularly or is it the first time? Just wondering if the person who assigned you a task did not deleted in the meantime?

If that’s not the case, could you please forward this email to so we can investigate this issue further for you?


@Marie So far this has been the first and only mail I received, but a co-worker has got the same too.



Thanks for the follow-up @Allan_Gomez,

It could just be a case that the task was deleted after the notification was sent to you and your colleague. I would highly recommend reaching out to our support team for further investigation if this issue surfaces again!

All the best :slight_smile:


Thank you @Marie and @Jason_Woods , shall revisit this if the issue occurs again.