Does anyone know how to manipulate the stacking order of tasks in the calendar view?

I am a solopreneur. I have Asana organized into teams, e.g., Creative Writing, Publishing, Finance, and others. I use the calendar view of My Tasks so I don’t overschedule myself. I would like to organize the calendar view of My Tasks so that one team is always at the top of the stack, another team below it, and so on. I want to stack them up according to the time slots during which I normally work with each team. For instance, 0600 Creative Writing, 0800 Finance, 0900 Client A, 1100 Client B…1700 COB Review. Does anyone know how Asana decides to stack tasks in the calendar view, and how to change this so that it is meaningful to the end user?

Hey @Peyton,

I don’t believe there is an easy way to achieve what you’re looking for here. Asana automatically adds new tasks assigned to you in the bottom of your calendar, so the ranking of tasks scheduled on a same day in your My Tasks calendar is based on when the task was assigned to you.

If you haven’t yet, I would recommend upvoting Reorder tasks in calendar

Thank you, Marie. The calendar would be more useful if the tasks could be re-ordered, but thank you for letting me know, anyway.

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