Does anyone else have a Conditional Formatting wishlist?

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Just curious if anyone else has a wishlist?! Here is mine!

  1. If a task is added to my tasks and is from a project with ‘xyz’ in title > send to certain section
  2. ability to include variables in rules > i.e.,

    when trigger ‘xyz’ > create a new board with title: “[todays date] xyz”
    when task is added to project board, assign to [project owner]

  3. due date is approaching (due today) and bucket is NOT “xyz” > execute function

It would be useful. We had this need with @Julien_RENAUD yesterday and we used a pivot custom field.

We created a “Task type” dropdown with options like “Personal” or “Meeting”. The latter is set by our “Sessions” project, and our My Tasks look out for it, because it can’t look for a source project.

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