Documents, Notes and central repository - where's best place for client stuff?

I run a marketing agency with multiple clients and I’d like to know if anyone uses asana for document storage and putting notes. If not, where’s best for the links to a dropbox file for example? Thanks!

Welcome, @James_Bremner,

It really depends on the details, your setup generally, and your needs.

In general, it often works to have one project for each client though sometimes you might need a team and multiple projects for one client, and sometimes you might get away with just a task for a client if simple.

Depending on which of those three approaches you use, the answer to your question would be different.

Assuming you have a project for each client, you could use the Overview tab for that project, and use the How we’ll collaborate text area at the top (you can rename that area) for links. Or use the Key Resources for links or uploads. Or use the Project Brief. Or in the List or Board view, use a task for each piece of data/file, or multiple datapoints/files.

Hope that helps for starters,