Documentation error for "Add a portfolio item"

Hi @Ross_Grambo!

In the API docs for “Add a portfolio item”:

The spec says you can’t have both insert_before and insert_after but the example shows both parameters being included.

Also, both of those parameters are listed as required: true which isn’t the case.


On it. We haven’t got a best practice for when 1 of the items is required. As I believe you have to put either a insert_before or an insert_after. For now, I’ll switch them both to optional.

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FYI I tried it without either one and it worked fine - it put the added project at the end of the list.

Oh. Thats. Not what the API team told me! Haha. I’ll confirm with them, and then make the appropriate update :slight_smile:. Thank you @Phil_Seeman!

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It should be fixed now! :smiley:

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