Document Workflow


As we are working close together in diffrent countries it is always hard to communicate.
So this is a great tool but our problem now is

if i attache a document and my team keeps on working with the document is there any possibility that asana is saving the work they are doing automatically in our dropbox or elsewhere? Or do we have to save it again and again?


@Marvin_Haug. For drop box and Google drive I believe it just stores the link to the document in the task not the actual document. So yes if you update the document it will automatically save, assuming you are not changing the name of the document and that you all have access to that Dropbox document.

Probably with playing around to confirm in case your scenario is different.



Hi Marvin,

Rather than attaching the document, can you place a link the location of where the document lives either in the task or as a custom field?



Yes I confirm it works with Google Drive. With my team we have a Google Sheet that was attached to several different tasks assigned to different people, and we can co work on the document at the same moment.