Doable: Create Unique Views for Project Assignees

We have a project that shows in the calendar view. Tasks on this calendar get assigned to four different people and it works for a master calendar, but can get messy when trying to determine the number of tasks each person is working on.

From this master view, is there a way to have the tasks show up on individual project calendar (view) per individual? The goal is to be able to click on, for exalendar, a calendar for Jane Doe and see all her projects pull in automatically from the master calendar.

The only way I currently know to do this is to manually add Jane Doe’s project calendar inside of a task.

Your solution is probably to run a search for task assigned to Bob in project X, and save it as a report. The saved search has a calendar view you can use. Would that work?


Tried that, but the reports don’t seem to be populating.

Changed the chart type and it worked… sort of.

What you don’t seem to be able to do is select the month as a date range. You can select the next X weeks or months, but not a specific month such as July. If that’s wrong, feel free to let me know.

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