Do team members need to have an ASANA subscription?

I want o to add people to a team who do not currently use Asana.
Do they need to have an Asana subscription to join my team?

Hi @Mike_Lovell ,

Welcome to the forum! Depending on your Asana subscription, you have a certain amount of seats available to your organization.

If you want people to collaborate with you within Asana, they will need to fill one of those seats.

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thank you for your quick response

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They don’t themselves need a subscription but they need a login–an Asana account.

Your organization has the subscription. It can be one of several types, and that will affect the options for adding someone to the team. For example, you may have the option of them being a “Member” or a “Guest.” You should check with your Asana Billing Owner and look in How to use Asana, Asana tutorials, onboarding tips, and team use cases | Product guide • Asana Product Guide for more info on your type of subscription, or contact or

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Larry- Totally- thanks

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