Do something in Jira other than just create a ticket?

I’ve gotten Asana to create Jira tickets, which is great. Has anyone gotten Asana to do anything else in Jira? In the ideal, I’d like to change ticket status (blocked, in progress, closed, etc), but I haven’t seen that option.


Not with the Asana built integration, it is quite easy with numerous low/no code platforms.

Any recommendations for good low/no-code options? I’m not familiar with any such tools.

Most people probably start with or Zapier. Most platforms have similar capability and you will probably gravitate to one or the other based on that and the service integration capabilities that each offer. The good news is that many platforms have a free plan that allow you to explore the platform and try out some basic integrations. The free plans are limited in terms of the amount of flows you can create and what you can integrate with, but certainly good enough for exploring.

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Super helpful - thank you so much!

HI there,

We’re organizing a webinar dedicated to Asana + Jira on May 25th which I think you may be interested in. Check out delhi to learn more about it :slight_smile: