Do not Disturb vs Focus

With the latest launch of iOS16 by Apple earlier this week and them talking about how you can customise your screens based on your focus mode, it made me think of the feature of dnd while working on asana.

Currently, if I am working on something, I put myself on dnd system wide. I generally open s specific project or portfolio and start that focus mode I am in. But I thought, wouldn’t it be cool, if I can select the focus mode on asana to only show tasks in My Task view only related to certain projects.

For example, I can set up a focus mode for leadership review and in this focus mode, I only see tasks assigned to me within Project A, Portfolio X related to Goal 1. I can set this focus time for an hour or two, which means if a request relating to these got assigned to me during this focus time, I will be able to see it within my tasks and get notified about it promptly.

Of course, this is not a productivity nightmare that I wish to solve, but some that could be added to the developers Wishlist for it to be considered?


Pretty cool idea I would apply to “only invoices”, “only quotation” etc

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