Do I need Evernote?


I use Google Drive to store all my files, both for my small business and personal. I have been using Asana lightly for a couple of months now to manage my tasks and started storing some files related to projects there.

I recently signed up for Evernote, but now I’m a bit confused on how to make it all work together, and if I even need Evernote if I’m using Asana.

Should I store my files in Google Drive and link to them in Asana? Should I store project notes in Evernote and link them to Asana? Should I ditch Evernote and keep all my notes in Asana and all my files in Google Drive?

Does anyone have any suggestions on some best practices for how to make these components work together? I have been researching endlessly but only end up more confused than when I started!

Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi @jla1234

From my viewpoint no you don’t need Evernote.

I would start trying to just use Asana rather than using Evernote…

Especially with the new Project Overview information that can be very expansive.




Hi @jla1234, adding to what Jason mentioned, you can find more information about Project Overview in this article: Project Overview • Asana. Hope this helps!

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Thank you both!

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