Divisions within large universities

Currently we use our own made-up email domain so that we can be our own organization, separate from the large university we’re part of. However, the two different emails (university and Asana) create problems. I think we might be better off as a division of our university, but I can’t get anyone at Asana to answer my questions about it. How does division pricing work? Our university has around 10,000 employees, most of whom do not use Asana. Our division has around 25 members and 25 guests. Would we pay more or less than we do now as our own organization?

Hi @Deb_Gallagher
You should find several answers here: What I learned about divisions 😅

You’ll be able to pay only for the users you admit in the division. In this division you’ll be able to invit guest also, and paid users will only be the ones with an email associated to the declared domain.

If you still miss some info, feel free to ask :wink:



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