diverting notifications to another location

How would I got about diverting all notifications for a user to a prespecified location (similar to how you can divert email notifications to the Teams app. I want to look for a specific characteristic that can happen across multiple boards, and need to be able to get the flow of information that a user would get via API, so I can then take an action if I see the characteristic.


We may need more specifics because I’m not 100% clear on the request, including “need to be able to get the flow of information that a user would get via API.”

I don’t believe you’ll be able to prevent notifications a user would otherwise receive (if that’s what you mean by “divert,” but you can also generate notifications elsewhere.

Perhaps webhooks or events are solutions?:



thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry, I didnt mean to turn off the standard notifications, but have them be sent to another location where I can collect them programmatically.

I am familiar with webhooks, but this would be a webhook that encompasses multiple boards at the same time and looks at stories and task descriptions for all the tasks in all the boards being tracked. That doesnt seem like it makes sense for a webhook to handle.

What I did notice though is that the notifications do just that (if i turn them on for the user to be a noisy as they can be :slight_smile: ) they give me updates on everything that is happening on the boards the user is part of.

I didnt see an endpoint for notifications in the api docs, if there is that would be great!

I think I’ll have to defer to the experts here to get you a better reply!

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Hi @Yoni_Sidi,

As you noted, there’s no support for notifications in the API.

There’s no support in the API for one endpoint or operation that can get you this task- or story-level information across multiple projects. You’ll need to do it on a per-project basis, using webhooks or events as @lpb suggested.


That would be a great new api feature to expose user notifications as endpoints

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