Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted

Hello Marie,


Also, I’m new to Asana, so maybe I don’t understand how things work. What is the threshold that must be met in order to get a request implemented? This one has been requested for almost 4 years; why hasn’t it been addressed?


I also want that feature.

I actually don’t understand the Prioritizing of new features. People want that since 3-4 years and it seems Asana doesn’t really prioritize what their users ask for.

Voted and very much seems like a no brainer that it will restore parity back to the way the list view is presented. This actually seems more like a bug fix than an enhancement so I hope it would be suitably prioritised. Looking forward to the issue hopefully being resolved.

Being able to expand and see subtasks in list view is one of the best features of subtasks. It allows for very simple grouping of related tasks for example:

Parent Task: Weekly Meeting
Sub Tasks

  • Draft agenda
  • Summarize meeting notes
  • Post summary
  • Populate new tasks to Asana

The above items are not complex enough to justify their own project, so they homed in an existing project.

Within projects, many of us using Asana live by list views that filter using custom fields to make finding and focusing on a set of specific tasks in a project possible vs. viewing a list of hundreds of tasks. For example, having a list view that shows only “high” priority tasks due today (no sorting, just filtering).

Unfortunately, any time a filter is applied using a custom field, the ability to expand and see subtasks within a list view is disabled. It would be a huge boost to our productivity if unsorted lists that have a custom field filter applied could still show expanded subtasks.


Please fix this ASAP! It’s been over 3 years?!?!


I’ll add my voice. We need to be able to see subtasks in a sorted/filtered list. No brainer! I understand there may be technical hurdles to this, but it’s been a while since a Community Manager has even replied. Can you please at least acknowledge your customers’ requests??

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Hello @Drake_Taylor,
Thank you for your input. Asana is constantly monitoring the feedback request threads, total total views and votes. They won‘t respond to every single comment. Usually they post a response once their is an update.
More info on how Asana listens to product feedback can be found here:


Hello @Drake_Taylor, I posted an update just 2 months ago, and I’m afraid I don’t have additional info to at the moment, but I will circle back here as soon as I do!

Agreed. For any team project where you’re not just tracking a few tasks this is crucial. Otherwise, there is no way to see subtasks expect to open each tasks individually which is inefficient for large teams trying to run quick stand-up meetings.


Just want to re-up how frustrating it is for the collapse/expade subtask arrow to disappear when I’m trying to sort my tasks by Due Date!


Also adding a comment to share my frustration that you can’t expand subtasks when sorting.


Since there hasn’t been a fix or any update for this in a couple years, has anyone figured out any sort of workaround for this?

Welcome, @Dave_Birr,

I make sure there’s always one List view tab that’s unfiltered other than for incomplete tasks and unsorted so subtasks can be seen, and another List view tab for each other unique set of sorts/filters required. Then it’s just a tab click away to get to a view to expand subtasks. And if you keep two views open in two browser tabs, it’s even faster.



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Agreed. We are looking to move to Monday, which has this feature. In an organization with many projects, brands, tasks, it is a small but important feature to be able to review subtasks without having to click into the task

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Hi @Joe_Lupica , welcome to the forum :wave:

Have you explored the Gantt view where you can expand the subtasks even when the tasks are sorted by Start date?

Note, you need to manually add the Gantt view to your projects.

Flagging this also, it is frustrating that I cannot filter easily by due date for any subtasks

I am just realizing that this thread is 4 years old :astonished: How is there still not a fix for this?


Is it possible to filter by assignee and have the results show subtasks (in addition to tasks)- and to have those subtasks be shown underneath their corresponding task? (FYI- I reviewed other posts, and the answer I found said that this is possible if you associate the sub-tasks with a project. But when I tried to do that, it seemed to make my subtasks into tasks.)

@George_McCurrach, Sorry, I’m afraid not.

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.



Thank you very much.

Would you have a minute for one slightly related question? Is it possible to filter for tasks where you are a collaborator (and see the tasks and sub-tasks in the same order as you see in list view)? I see how you can do an advanced search for collaborator = X……but it seems like the results are returned in a random order (unless you know the logic of the order)

Thank you