Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted

Asana! Please fix this for the people! I want to be able to use subtasks but they are basically useless if I can’t see them expanded when sorted by due date. With that - why don’t you just make “sort by due date” the default? Then people can sort other ways to their preferences, but I think it’s fair to say most items are being looked at in a fairly chronological way.

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What’s the point of being able to filter and sort when it doesn’t display the tasks properly so you can see them? Huge issue - and very disappointing this has not been fixed/updated for 2 years!!

Is this ever going to get addressed?

  • Sorting by due date is probably the most useful view for time driven projects.
  • Subtasks are effectively useless if you sort by due date because you lose the dropdown capability when sorting.
  • In order to see subtasks when sorting by due date, you have to click into the parent task. That is inefficient and not intuitive.

Everyone I speak with adamantly hates this bug and it is hindering Asana adoption at my organization. it is disappointing and frankly ridiculous this has not been addressed in the 2+ years since it was called out. Please and thank you.


Asana team! Please wake up! This needs to be addressed!!

Just a +1 for the new year, Plz can we get this implemented :pray:

I can’t believe this topic is from 2020… guys this is soooooo annoying? How hard might it be to just give us the same arrow to open the subtasks whatever filter we use?? this doesn’t seem like a bonus but a fix that should have happened a long time ago…

Honestly, it’s a pattern with Asana, releasing cool features then you realize some very basic things are not working. And usually pretty basic testing reveals those issues directly…