Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted

I would like to add my support for this feature. We currently use a combination of Saved Searches and filters for Asana, but none of them work exactly how we would like.

Being able to apply an Assignee Filter then see all Tasks AND Sub-tasks (even if top-level task is assigned to someone else and only sub-task is assigned to filter-by Assignee) would be a great solution for us. A Saved Search is our current work-around but b/c sorting is broken/incomplete it is definitely not what we need.


Currently in order to see sub tasks in List View, you have clear all sorting. Therefore my tasks within sections are not sorted by due date which is annoying.

Instead it would be better if you were able to sort by task due date (or any other sorting), within each section, and still see the tasks with arrow drop down and therefore see the sub tasks in this List View.

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There is an existing thread on the topic Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted

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Thanks for your feedback, @anon69455523 ! I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback.

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@Emily_Roman is there any hope to deal with this issue anytime soon? Subtasks are quite essential in our workflow. Right now, we’re unable to use Sorting functionality, as then subtasks are gone from the List View…


This still seems to be a problem for me. I have a project sorted/filtered, and still don’t have dropdown arrows for subtaskss. Could it be because I have custom fields for this project?

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@Amanda_Bennett, You will only see the arrow when the project is not sorted. This thread is requesting the functionality you’re looking for but it’s not available. Please vote at the top of this task’s header.



This was driving me absolutely batty - I had a couple of projects that had tasks in a specific order that had the > to expand so you could manipulate multiple subtasks at once.

Most of my projects have tons of variable tasks that I’m constantly sorting by date, other projects, assignee, and other fields, so they’re ALWAYS sorted.

I thought I was losing my mind when some projects had the subtask > and some didn’t.

This is SUCH an important and needed option. It’s so weird that it isn’t included that I thought there was some glitch with some of my projects. I don’t need subtasks to sort, just the parent task.

I’m begging you!! Please!! lol

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Hello! This has been an open issue for over two years. I’ve upvoted it along with 217 other people. Having to unsort to see subtasks in a dropdown is the sort of flaw that makes people dislike an otherwise wonderful tool. @Emily_Roman, if you are still a Community Manager here, can you obtain and share a meaningful update on when this will be fixed? It is a bug that wastes a lot of peoples’ time and causes confusion. Thanks.


Do we have any update on this one? Would love it if when I choose to filter or organise by due date, I wouldn’t lost that option to see the sub tasks.


I’ve already voted and everything, and I don’t know that this is any easier to implement, but I think the vast majority of people would be happy with being able to sort by due date and keeping this functionality. It doesn’t have to be every single type of filter. At least in my case, and what I imagine is most people’s case. I actually don’t show people the feature to see a drop down of the subtasks because so many save the layout with the due date sorted, making this basically useless. I wouldn’t be surprised if most users in Asana don’t know about that feature (or think it’s super glitchy as I did at first) because of this pattern.


A project management system is something that impacts the core of the daily procedures of a company. If a company invests money and time in the software it became every day more and more difficult to come back if you realize that you made a mistake. Your company takes the risk to become “locked in” in the software. In that situation providers like Asana are free to do what they want with the clients: they can increase prices, they can be deaf to bugfix, and they can ignore the features requests (even the simpler ones and voted, by the community).
This makes a company from great to bad. And users became victims.
I’m frankly thrilled by the behavior of Asana. A company that earns millions of dollars from users and investors (even if they seem not capable to make any profit, looking at the balance sheets), treats their clients like they have no right to be heard.
Have you ever seen in this forum any official technical reply to any feature/bugfix requests? I’ve always seen only community managers, which are obviously very far away from the development department, copy/pasting replies like (ok, interesting feature request, we are going to pass it to devs). This is ridiculous.
I’m frankly very angry and frustrated about this behavior. This does not represent what I think it would be to be a cool company, open and committed to making good products and making paying clients happy.
They have big responsibilities to their clients. Clients deserve respect and answers. This is not fair, Asana.
Am I the only one thinking that?

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If a project is sorted alphabetically, there is no subtask expansion, even if the subtask is not completed

Ciao @Francesco_Canovi :slight_smile:

You can vote up this Product Feedback post, it relates to the same request you just made.

@Forum-team probably to merge with the above.


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So are you telling me that this is not a bug, but a feature? :thinking:

The definition of bug is not always easy to grasp for everyone. It is more a missing feature than a bug in this case, at least according to me :slight_smile:

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Could you please explain to me what is the rationale under this behavior?

A missing feature by definition has no rational, it was just never coded. Here’s what I believe happened:

  • Product: “can we show the subtask in list view?”
  • Dev: “yeah sure, but when the view is sorted, it would be harder because [insert dev reason]”
  • Product: “Ok let’s show subtasks anyway because many users will benefit from the feature, this is better than not doing it”

Again, I don’t work for Asana, but I worked in web dev and product dev, we had this kind of discussions over and over again :sweat_smile:

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Ciao @Francesco_Canovi ,

Not sure where you have read -this is not a bug, this is a feature…- :slight_smile:

I am not sure there is a good argument/rationale for this behaviour, to be honest with you, except probably technically harder to implement and de-prioritised in their roadmap, please also note that the above is just my wild assumption, so take it with a pinch of salt.

As a matter of fact, I believe your request is a good one and as you can see from my link, you are not the only one believing it, I have upvoted that post myself :+1:

We can definitely focus on the issue and why it is not a feature yet or we can focus on helping Asana become an even better product…

Have a good day,

It would be really helpful to have the subtask drop down visible whether the view is sorted or filtered - we rely on subtasks for asset requests as subtasks tag the workstream owner to book the time in, and the project manager is responsible for closing the request (main task) down once the subtasks are complete.

As it is, the PM has to see ALL tasks in no order, or check each ordered/filtered task manually to see if subtasks have been completed.