Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted

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I think there are many ways to use subtasks, and linking subtasks to their parent task is a super popular request in the Forum. Our team is aware of this and has plans to continue improving subtasks in Asana!


I disagree with your comment here. If that were the case you would be able to assign a task to multiple people as an overarching task may be completed by multiple people. This is how subtasks are used. If they didnt want subtasks to be used this way then they wouldnt all you to assign subtasks to other people. So in my opinion, you either have to make tasks assignable to multiple people or show subtasks in filtered views. the latter is better for me and it will allow to get a true view of all tasks assigned to an individual being a main or a subtask


Adding a vote as this could be what makes / breaks me recommending the system to my team!

This request has my vote! Thought I would share my view on how showing subtasks while filtering should work:


Whenever my project manager shares his screen and I want to discuss various subtasks with him, he doesn’t have this dropdown arrow, when viewing any project. Could it be that he has every project filtered and/or sorted? It doesn’t look like it when I’m viewing the projects with him. The only difference seems to be that he doesn’t see these dropdown arrows. I’ve been baffled.

This is seriously hindering my workflow with my project manager because he thinks subtasks are basically unusable, since the main task collapses everything after viewing the subtask from the task pane on the right, but I keep telling him there should be a dropdown to use, and he throws up his hands and says that doesn’t exist.

Can I please get this fixed so that there’s some sanity in our subtask workflow? Thank you!

Adding my vote!

Would love this feature to be available in sorted lists.

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I am new to this, not sure how to upvote but I would love subtasks to be shown as a default

Hi All,

Just another twist…parent/subtasks showing everywhere is a must. Beyond that though are those that use the parent/subtasks/subtask scenario’s that really become a challenge and again as another post mentions “it’s all their and needs to be tied together”! I haven’t seen anything related to this (I just started looking albeit!) but was interested in Asana’s approach there as well.

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Hey @Terence_Miner
Welcome to the forum! This is indeed an interestingapproach.
I always work with the guideline that for asana, do not go down more than one level of subtask for key actions related to your project. If you want to go anotr layer deeper, let that be for information or reference.
If you are needing to drill that much down, perhaps consider utislisng sections and milestones differently to assist you in keeping you project in 2 layers only.

I always say: Use asana tasks/ subtasks like a book - you only have 2 pages infront of you. Hope this helps.

Please add this functionality.

I just created subtasks for various tasks, when I try to filter the upcoming tasks in the next two weeks, these subtasks never show up. Then I found this thread. Asana staff should listen to what the user needs, not so stubborn and try to teach us the way that they think is better. When there’s a lot of users are requesting the “sorting/filtering” with sub-tasks, that means there is need of this. And that need is true!!! Please let user decide the best way that suits their needs, not dictated by the Asana team!!

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So I found that the only for the subtask to appear in the filtered list is to manually add the subtask to the project. But then Asana automatically populated the task on top of my project task list. If you look at my screen shot, now the task appeared in both the project and the subtask. And the task does not belong to any section I created. It’s a very annoying behavior.


We have been waiting for this function for a long time.

I thought a task management tool is supposed to let you create tasks and subtasks, and to be able to filter out what you want to see in all these tasks/subtasks.

We can create tasks and subtasks, but we cannot filter all of them by dates easily is making this tool very difficult to use, and kind of losing the point to use this tool.

And you can filter out tasks ONLY by today, yesterday, this week and next week, but not specific dates is also very restrictive and making it hard to use.

Both of the above creates a lot of inconveniences. Once in a while, I have to search for other options and think about migrating the whole thing to a better task management tool.

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This would be incredibly useful to have. Please add!

@Emily_Roman @Marie am having this same issue with the filters and it is still not resolved and I am not seeing any response from your team since November of 2020… Can you please provide us an update as to when this will be fixed??

Why has this not been addressed?
This is a MAJOR system flaw and renders the Asana project management suite unusable as a full PM management platform.
Please post an ETA for this.


Hi @anon37509221 and @Artem_Nikulkov, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I’m afraid I don’t have any substantial update to share with you today, but rest ensured that we’re closely following up on this behind the scenes and representing your voice.

Over the last few years, we’ve heavily relied on customer feedback to build Asana, and while we can’t always address every request as quickly as our users would like to, we do have a robust customer feedback process in place to surface feedback and feature requests; you can learn more about it in this post .

If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to drop me a DM or to reply on this thread, I’ll be more than happy to help!

Unfortunately, this is bad UX and is putting the business needs over the customers. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

Would love subtasks to be viewable in sorted lists.
+1 for the implementation