Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted

When I set filter to “Completed tasks” and despite having several subtasks completed it shows empty without even a hint for the user to know.

Project can actually be 90% done and because of choosing to use subtasks everything is under water, seems like nothing done in the project which is wrong.

Hi @Juan_Diego and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

This has been quite a popular feedback following the launch of subtasks on the project tasks list and we already have a thread on this topic. I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing topic, but if you haven’t yet I’d recommend casting your vote on this post too :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I like the fact that custom fields now cascade into subtasks. With the new view of the main project board, this makes it easier to navigate through tasks details and their nuances. One thing requires attention in my opinion is the filtering feature.

If I choose to filter my project view and select only one option from a custom field, the filter only brings main tasks to the view. It does not include the sub tasks as well.

Any thoughts?

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Hi @Rashad_Issa, thanks for your feedback!

I see what you mean, this is related to the fact subtasks currently don’t inherit the parent project. The filters only apply to the tasks that are associated to the project. I think this is a great request and I’ve seent this information to our team internally as well.

Thanks again and let me know if you have any questions.


Hi folks, we already have a thread on this topic: Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted

@Rashad_Issa, I’ve merged your post with this existing thread :slight_smile:

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This definitely feels like an accidental oversight because the subtask expansion was such a great new feature of the new spreadsheet-like list view, but then you lose it when using another great new feature in sorting tasks by a custom field

Any updates on this? Seems completely counter-intuitive to offer this feature but not support filtered or sorted lists. Also why even have sections when you could just sort by field/custom field as required? It would be also handy to save these filtered/sorted views.



*Tried searching if this is requested - but couldn’t find it.

A simple product feedback. Currently the small triangle to open the subtasks to view icon appears only if the project is not sorted according to a field. I think we should have a way to view subtasks in project main view also when sorting for example according to due date. Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 09.40.02|68x72

Hi @jtown, thanks for taking the time to share this feedback with us!

You are right, it seems we didn’t have an existing thread for this request. I’ll make sure to keep you updated as soon as I have news about this feature or something similar. Thanks again for sharing your suggestion, we really appreciate it!

@Marie actually just let me know we have a thread about this topic. I’ve merged your thread with Display subtasks on List view when project is filtered/sorted to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:

Voting for this feature please. I am work with 4 others in my team and having the view divide them up is amazing, however, since I need to seen everyone and most of the subtasks are mine, I really need to have this feature available if at all possible. Thanks so much. I am looking forward to really making my team cohesive with this platform.

@Emily_Roman Can you please clarify – subtasks are not really part of the project? And that’s why they would show up, for instance, in My Tasks under No Project?

This is greatly needed! Please consider adding this capability. Thanks!

Hello, can you please update by when it will be fixed. It is quite important way to manage the project reviews,
@others did you find a way ? an app as workaround ?

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Found this thread that confirms a bug I’m experiencing is not a bug, but a feature: 🤯 (Help)! Task not showing dropdown subtask arrow

If you have a sort or filter option, then you cannot use the arrows to expand subtasks? I’m not sure the reasoning for this, but it’s super annoying. I have a list where I want to sort tasks by due date. But I still want to be able to quickly expand and view subtasks. What’s the rationale behind hiding that functionality just because items are sorted?

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Are you trying to sort tasks by due dates from multiple projects?

I’m asking because you can sorry tasks by due day in a single project which would allow you to expand parent tasks.

If you are trying to view tasks from multiple projects with the features of a single project. Then, I would recommend you create a project for that view and add all this tasks to that project as well as their respective projects.

I believe the search view is designed to find a specific thing you may be looking for, or many of the same kind of thing.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

No. One project. I’m talking about list view in a project, not results from search.

As soon as you apply a sort filter, you lose the drop down arrows to see sub task in the project view.

Hi @Justine_D,

We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the main topic to keep all comments and votes on one thread!

Hi @Justine_D,

I see now what you mean.

I think that the main subtask related issues most users are posting about are a byproduct of how users view and use subtasks compared to how Asana views subtasks and how they should be used.

Asana explains in their training, that subtasks are there for a guide to help a team member get through the parent task. Essentially, it is a list of things to be done which in so doing the parent task will be done.

However, subtasks are not viewed by Asana as a tasks grouped together by topic.

Therefore the logical way to treat subtasks is similar to comments and task descriptions, where they are there to help team members work through a single task.

Because of this, Subtasks aren’t a direct item within a project similar to comments.

But many users are using them in a different way than explained, and I think that is the main cause for users having these subtask related issues.

I feel at this point it would be best to explain the function of subtasks in the Asana on boarding a bit more in depth, maybe showing users what a subtask is expected to be for and what it’s not.

Any thoughts @Marie?


Sure, this would be true if Asana didn’t offer the expansion feature at all. That it’s available when tasks are not sorted, but unavailable the minute you apply a sort option seems bizarre to me.