Display all parent and subtask names on a subtask card in a board view

Some subtasks have their own subtasks with the same names (“Make a design”, e.g.).
It’s hard to find necessary “Make a design” card in a column within lots of others “Make a design” cards without knowing at a quick glance what I’m looking for, and without clicking into each one.

Is there a way to display the parent task name on a subtask card in the board view, so I know which task it’s associated with? I really would like to have more visibility on info available from the get go, versus clicking in constantly.

Happy to talk more about our use case and what we’re looking to see displayed in the tiles of the board views.



The only solution I see to your problem is to custom code an automation that would embed the parent task name within the subtask names… Or you can try not to use subtasks, but that is sometimes hard to re-work the workflow…


Hi @Tiffany_Miller1, thanks for providing this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available right now, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

I also really need this. Creating the subtask with the workflow and then having to go in and manually update the subtask kinda defeats the purpose of having a workflow.

The solution to this that I would really like to see from Asana is the ability to insert variables into templates. So with a template I could crate a variable {{Item ID}} and then put that variable into the Template Title (eg. “{{Item ID}} Launch”) and the subtasks (“{{Item ID}}: Make a design” “{{Item ID}}: Write Copy” “{{Item ID}}: Photography”) and then when creating a new task from the template, it would just prompt me for the variable’s value, so I’d tell it the {{Item ID}} is “Cat Stickers” and then I would get:

Project Name: “Cat Stickers Launch”

  • Subtask: “Cat Stickers: Make a design”
  • Subtask: “Cat Stickers: Write Copy”
  • Subtask: “Cat Stickers: Photography”

This would really increase the usefulness of templates and cut down on manual effort.


Hi Rebecca,

Do you know if this is in development? It would be really great to have. Currently I have multiple subtasks that have the same title but are related to different projects and going into my own tasks it doesn’t easily allow me to see what project they belong to

Hi @Breiana_Bennetts and welcome to the forum,

A couple of notes:

Rebecca is no longer with Asana.

Also, Asana (like a lot of its competitors) has a policy to not publish a public roadmap or comment on unreleased features, so there won’t be any information update available.

See also this forum thread: Automatic Subtask Names

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