After getting a better understanding of Discourse the engine for Asana Community, it might be worth considering the use of sub-categories as it is easy to have items inter dispersed among the current categories and then have valuable solutions lose their visability even though Search is available… I view it similar to the benefits of Asana having a hierarchy. It starts to get the feel of reading emails dispersed among a category that needs to be better organized. For instance,

Category Integrations, Subcategories Zapier, Unito, Tray.io, IFTT and Asana Integrations, as well as “other integrations”.

I think it might also help in any number of the areas specified in the existing Categories. The Asana Community Manager could control the sub-categories as wells as periodically moving things around to the most efficient area. No @alexis you are to valuable to become a librarian but I am sure some intern with your training could. This is not uncommon to boards in general as they can miss the opportunity to become a terrific resource of real life application after solutions make there way lower. With sub-categories I could see the Asana Community become a library of many things instead of the latest topic or solutions riding off into the sunset. If this already exists and I am just uninformed (which is always possible) I just need to have it pointed out.



Hi Jim! Thank you for this feedback. I do love the Discourse software and all the power and flexibility it gives us. I’ll keep this subcategory idea in mind, as it can definitely help us categorize info in the future. In the meantime, as we’re in this early stage of growth, I think it’s best to keep things open and consider adding subcategories later on when we have more content. I’d also like to think about how tags can be a powerful resource for us as a search and sorting tool. I’ll be interested to talk to you all more about the structure of the forum and how to support more people and conversations as we scale.