Disclosure Triangles always open when you go back to different projects. (very frustrating!)

Why don’t things stay the same as how you left them? When I collapse all my disclosure triangles, go to another project and return to the original, they are all back open again. This is incredibly frustrating that I’m not allowed to manage the view of the interface. I’m managing a team of 30 people with many projects and details and I have to constantly collapse the disclose triangles again and again. Is there a way to just keep them in the state that you leave them? I have MANY more feedback concerns I’d love to share as I’m integrating asana with my direct team inside a much larger company. if we can make things better, this could be an AMAZING tool for Film and Animation Production companies. Please let me know what we can do. (this is the only place I found right away to share this info)

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I am guessing you are referring to sections in a project. If you want the expand/collapse setup to stay you’ll have to go to the “…” menu and choose “save as default”. Hope that helps