Disappearing Tasks


Hi- I just started using Asana- I created tasks in projects that I assigned to one individual. There are some open tasks that she can see but I can’t see on my list for her- does anyone know how I can fix this? They were there the day I created them but some disappeared the next day from my list- I can find them in the inbox and she can see them on her list. I know I can search for them but I’d like them on my list as reminders of what is still open.


Hi @Shana_Halton welcome to Asana and the community…

If you are referring to your My Task list then no you can’t also see them there. If you are saying they are no longer visible in the Project List then I would suggest that somehow the project has been removed from the task.

Hope that helps…



Hi @Shana_Halton,

Do you alredy know the “Reports” section in the sidebar? You can expand the list and find the “Tasks I’ve assigned”.

This is how I get an overview / a reminder on tasks that are still open :slight_smile:

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Thank you- I found the ways you both suggested so tht will be good enough. I don’t see how they were moved in any way and when I see them in the total task list they are there, but not under the individuals project list. I will work with it this way although I would prefer if the full list was under the person’s project list. Thank you!


You can look at the task history to understand what happened maybe?