Disable mobile notifications when vacation status is enabled

I recently went on vacation and made sure I set my status accordingly in Asana so colleagues would see that I’m away.

During my vacation I was connected to Wifi at times and my phone was flooded with notifications making it very hard to ignore work.

It would be great if mobile notifications could be disabled while vacation status is enabled so you can truly forget about work.


@Zaahir I believe you can customize to your desires. https://asana.com/guide/help/email/email-from-asana

Hey James!

That’s not quite what I’m referring to. I understand that you can customize notifications in Asana. What I’m saying is that when I’ve indicated in Asana that I’m on vacation it would be great if the Mobile App (and perhaps other forms of notifications) recognized this and stopped sending notifications. The app specifically is harder to control because I believe I would have to go into my phone settings to disable notifications from the app.

Manually controlling notifications in this case is not ideal because then I have to remember to re-enable them when I’m back from vacation.

For what it’s worth, being able to suppress mobile notifications on the weekend would be nice as well. Asana is great, but the (mobile) notifications make it very hard to forget about work when you need to.

Hope this makes sense?

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Totally agree!!! I was looking for that feature as well.