Disable "edit" mode


I don’t know if my setup is incorrect, but every time I click on a task to view it, the task appears but also the task name goes in to “edit” mode. I.e. it changes the task name in to an input field where I can edit the name. I am clicking on the task to view it, not to edit it. There is the danger that I may inadvertently change the task name.

Similarly, when I click in the task description, for example if I just want to copy and paste something, again it goes in to edit mode.

So it looks like this:

Is this the intended behaviour? Can it be disabled to prevent me from accidentally modifying the contents?


My guess is that it is intended behavior and I think that is very useful :sweat_smile: But I agree sometimes I changes task name by inadvertence.

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To be honest I’ve never seen this behaviour on any other project management tools, e.g. Jira, Basecamp, Trello, etc.

If I click on a task to view it why I would it automatically assume I want to edit it? If I wanted to edit something I should just click on a pencil icon next to the thing I want to edit.


Actually Jira works exactly like this, when you click on a ticket title, is goes into edit mode.