Disable 'Edit in Ginger'

Hi, I’ve noticed Asana has this new feature that says ‘Edit in Ginger’ and it shows all the spelling mistakes etc. It’s quite annoying when you are naming the task and ‘Edit in Ginger’ pops up and hovers over the task name and I end up accidentally clicking on it. There is a small ‘power’ symbol to disable it but it doesn’t remove it. I only have the free version now. Is there any way i can i remove this feature completely?

Hi @Katerina_Sutic
Don’t believe this is part of Asana. Did a quick Google search Ginger is a chrome extension. Check to see it you have accidentally installed this recently.



Yes this is definitely what is going on here :+1: everyone wants Grammarly to work in Asana, and apparently Ginger does :slight_smile:

I’ve been able to uninstall it from Chrome! Thank you so much!

No worries glad I could help.