Disable default input for task name "New Task" when adding feedback to attachments

Since today, tasks (Adding feedback) are prefilled with Task name “New Task” and description with “Request details (include any relevant information, specs, etc)”. This costs us a lot of time to remove it a couple of hundred times a day. Is there an option to deactivate this feature? Thanks for your help.

@Emily_Roman is this an A/B test in progress?

Hi @Jonas_Allert and @Bastien_Siebman, thanks for flagging this! I’ll investigate with our product team and post an update here soon :slight_smile:

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hi @Emily_Roman any updates on this? unfortunately this costs a lot of time in the work process day after day

I’m afraid I don’t have any updates, @Jonas_Allert! I haven’t been able to reproduce it as I don’t see it on my account, could you share a screenshot so I can share more details with our product team? Thanks

You can reproduce by adding feedback to a file (PDF or JPG) within a task. So adding subtasks by creating feedback.

Thanks for the extra information, @Jonas_Allert! For a moment, I thought this was related to all new tasks and not only subtasks created via the proofing feature. I’ll add that to my escalation, and hopefully we can get more information. Thanks again!


seems to be fixed (:

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Hi @Jonas_Allert thank you for letting us know! I’ve passed this information on to our Developers and will wait for their reply to make sure there isn’t any issue here. Glad to hear it’s working normally though :slight_smile:

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