Disable Dark Mode on Android

Recently my application entered dark mode without any input of my own. I don’t like this, and I’d like to change it back, but I can’t seem to find any option to toggle it on and off. I have a Samsung A32 5G.

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hmmmm good question. In fact I am not sure how to find it on the iPhone. @lpb as an android expert, is this something you can assist with?


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There’s no Asana-specific setting, so in Android general settings go to Display and there you’ll find a “Dark theme” toggle which I have set to “Will never turn off automatically” so that defaulted me to dark theme as well. But toggling to “Will never turn on automatically” will get you the light theme in Asana…assuming other settings are like mine happen to be. Look elsewhere in Display settings by scrolling up and down if you have different results because I noticed other settings here that are germane as well, I believe.

Thanks, @Rashad_Issa, but I’m definitely not an Android expert, just an Android user.



It always starts as a user and before you know it, you are an expert! :wink: thanks for your help in this!


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