Directions for project guests

I am adding some guests to a project, and would like to know what directions to give them regarding the need to set up an Asana account and how to access Asana. What information is sent to them automatically via email once they are invited to the project? It would be really helpful to know what is communicated to them. Thanks!

Hi @Andrea_Delorey, welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for reaching out!

When you invite a Guest, they’ll receive an email to accept your invitation. This email will include thee name of the use who is inviting them and the name of the space you are inviting them in Asana. When they accept it, they’ll see the instructions to create their Asana account (if they don’t have one yet) and they’ll be able to join your team. The process is the same as if you invite a Member but Guests will have only access to what is shared with them.

You can find more information in this article.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have more questions! :slight_smile:

Test for yourself, that is always the best solution. Invite yourself on your gmail account, and voilà