(Digital Marketing) Templated Setups For Larger Platforms ie - Google Ads Search, Meta Campaigns etc...

Hi everyone,

Our org is looking to re-work all of our outdated templates for some standard digital marketing setups. I was just curious if someone knew of templated versions of these larger platforms so we wouldn’t have to start from scratch. Any help is appreciated, obviously committed to setting this all up, but figured I would check with the community first.


You can check out templana.com just in case. (I created Templana)


Hi @Tyson_Huggins, you can also see all Asana created templates at asana.com/templates.

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:exploding_head: Bastien this is so awesome. Thanks so much!

Thanks Emily. I was looking for something a little more nuts and bolts for the third-party platforms. Appreciate you sharing though these will be very helpful.

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Do you know if there are any assets for Google Ads, Meta Ads, Tik Tok etc…?

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