Difference is values between list view and details of task.

Hi All,

I have a customised field. And when I look into the list view (where you have all the tasks) I see that, that field is empty (I expect to see “In Progress”). However, when I go into the details of the tasks I see that, that field is having a value.

For another customer field: In the list view I see Value A, but in the details of the task I see value B.

Why is there a difference between the information?

@Niels_Oomen - data should be consistent regardless of project view (it’s the same task with all the same info, just presented with different visuals). Is there a chance you are either looking at different tasks, different fields (with similar names) on that task, or something like that?

Perhaps you could screenshot what you’re seeing (obfuscate any private info) so we can better diagnose your issue.

I saw we had multiple collumns with the same description. So I guess our set-up is incorrect.

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