Did Asana Just Crash For Anyone Else?


I have been working in Asana all day. Approx 10 minutes ago my system crashed and will not allow me back in. The warning says to contact support. I click the link on the warning and I get a blank white screen. I have tried to access it on three computers and restarted all of them twice. Anyone else having problems? Thank you. Dani


I’m having problems getting into the app too


Ty for your quick reply. I can’t access my system through the app as well. I guess this is systemic? I have never had problems with Asana before. Fingers crossed that everyone out there has their information saved and there was no data loss.


I just restarted my computers again and my system is back up. It looks like (so far) no information was lost. Hope the same for you as well. TY! :smile:


You can always check https://trust.asana.com to be informed about outages :slight_smile:


I ran a different browser which asked me to login to Asana. I logged in and everything looked fine. I downloaded everything, just in case, then went back to Chrome and got in just fine. Glad you did too :slight_smile:


Hi guys, and sincere apologies for the trouble; I believe the issue you experienced at the weekend was linked to an outage. Let me know if you’re still running into trouble!


There’s been an error.

Please try reloading your browser or clearing your cookies. If you’re still having trouble, contact Asana Support .