Detect users who have NOT accepted an 'invite'

Users who have not ‘accepted’ invites (strange process - I need add a user, why can’t I just add them if they are in my domains - but I digress) have limited functionality, e.g. they do not get notifications. We need to detect this condition on some tasks and escalate for action but I cannot detect any difference using the /users endpoint (also tried the WorkspaceMembership bit which just shows pending invite users as ‘active’).

Is there any way to detect, even as a side effect, with any API, that a ‘user’ is still in limbo?

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Hi @Webb_Deneys,

Good question. I did some experimenting to try and find a way to detect this but I’m afraid I came up empty also.

@Ross_Grambo do you have any ideas on this one?


Currently, no. There’s no way to check this. We’re considering adding this functionality now.

Until then you might be able to try testing functionality for the user to see if it doesn’t work, but that’s not the best workaround.

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