Desktop Asana app

Finally got it to install, except I still cant authenticate with Google. :frowning:

I don’t authenticate will Google. I put in my Asana password. Rarely logs out.

I’ve used fluid, and i use fluid for other saas services, but for asana, i rely on for time tracking, and that uses a chrome extension. Unfortunately fluid can’t use extensions so it makes it ineffective for me.
A big challenge would be to have a Mac native app that allows for some of the 3rd party extensions that asana promotes, such as everhour


I’m also sad about the lack of a native client to help me with some aspects of quickly working with Asana. Luckily, I run an indie Mac software company and thus decided to take on the task.
We’ve started developing a limited native (not web-view) client, named Prana, currently focused on two things:

  • Help identify what tasks one needs to do (basically “My Tasks” view) of the workspace and basic management (mark tasks as done).
  • A native macOS share extension to quickly create tasks in Asana from various contexts in the system (from Safari, for example), like other native Mac To-do apps.
    If you’re interested in following our progress and get on the beta when it’s ready (some things already work and it progresses quickly), sign up for updates here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them.

Jacob Gorban
Apparent Software


The number reason for a native macOS app in my opinion is native OS notifications.

One of the biggest difficulties in getting people to adopt Asana in my office is the sorry state of notifications. Users either have to choose an avalanche of email or remember to check Asana constantly. Both are bad solutions in general, let alone for adoption.


I would really appreciate a desktop app on mac as well.
It just makes sense as this is so integral to day to day ongoings.

Offline access is a must!


I’d upgrade to paid Asana the minute a native app goes live. Sure, I can use something like Nativefier but I’d prefer to have it in the AppStore for whatever odd reason.


Thank you for this!!

I agree to either a native App - Mac and any other system - or improving the responsiveness of the web app. I have used with different computers, on very broad-banded connections, and still some actions take some time to be completed.
This whole discussion has many other motivations for a native client App, I won’t elaborate on them here.
Please, Asana developers, I know you love the Net, but we love working seamlessly :wink:



This is great. Thanks for making it available. I have a question: on the web page describing this process ( in the yellow box about whitelisting URLs for other platforms, you say:

  1. Click on your newly created Asana “app” and then click on the name of the app in the toolbar.
  2. Go to “Preferences” and then “Whitelist.” …

I’m unclear where these are. I’m using the basic, free version of Asana. Is Preferences | Whitelist in the Premium version? Or am I just not looking in the right place?

I can’t believe there is only 4 votes for this issue. A native app would be so much faster, have “Quick Input Shortcuts”, work offline and so much more. My dream app would be the power, UI and flexibility of Omnifocus + the collaboration and multi-platform support of Asana.


@Stephen_Aberle: This is referring to the Fluid Preferences. It will be under whatever you named the app (like Asana in the screenshot below) in the task bar at the top of the screen.

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In my experience with CRM software, they are all incredibly slow in upgrades and new features, so much so that the only way to get closer to what you want is to change to a different CRM that might come along and is more suited to your needs.

it is very sad the insensitivity of these developers, and “success managers”. it makes me kind of sad and despondent every time I see such a long timeline of people, claiming for stuff which are genuinely useful, that bogles the mind imagining why oh why these developers didn’t include them in the first versions of the app, and get absolutely no feedback on them for years…


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@Alexis I’ve noticed that you have been so quick in your response to some of these issues users face with this program. :slightly_smiling_face: Is there any status on this particular issue? I think it would solve the lack of notification/updates to our team and would make it easier to use overall. My team is missing important files and comments because of the lack of clear robust notifications.

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I have run Asana with Fluid for a few years on my Mac, as of today it hangs at the loading screen… any ideas? TIA


Hi Lauren! I’m not able to provide an update on this feature request at this time. For more information on how we engage with Community requests, take a look at this thread:


Trello just announced NATIVE apps for Windows and Mac. Not sure if they have been there before and just updated them, but this is something that is lacking from asana.

We LOVE the workflows, but getting people to use a browser app is hard to do. Plus the web app utilities that people have talked about are great but they do not give you the native notifications, or native hooks into the OS.

I would HIGHLY recommend this be done in the next few months if possible!


There are some decent workarounds like Nativfier on Mac OS that works really well…

I agree with @Bastien_Siebman, nativefier is a great solution to make that native app yourself. @Todd_Cavanaugh wrote a great tutorial on how to do it here:

I’m just wondering why nobody is offering the nativefied version here… So I’ll just do that now:
In there you will find the App for Windows and MacOS
It looks like this:

I will add the linux version in the evening :slight_smile:


@Johannes_Deml I think you’re missing links:

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