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By the lack of communication from the Asana team only one could assume that this is very, VERY low on the to do list. If however they are actively developing something for the users it really should be explained where the product is at in the development cycle.

Can someone from Asana please give us a better answer then “X answered you responded to this question/feedback in Sep 2017”. You have paying customers here that are showing you that they would really appreciate not just an native app developed but also appreciate some type of ongoing, open dialogue.

IMHO, when companies don’t address their user base concerns it feels as if you only care about making money and not the users interest.


A heavy traveling team really needs a Mac App. Really like Asana but we’re all on the road so often that it is hard to use internationally or when there is low connectivity. Offline mode at the very least. Thanks!


Was typing a response about using Alfred to quick add through workflow. But then i I remembered I found it through another post from you in here. Works great!

So passing the tip along: Alfred Integration - Link Dead? - #3 by Geoff_Manning

A native Windows app would be great! I’d like it because Chrome eats up so much RAM and I use RAM heavy editing programs, so when checking Asana I hate opening up a browser window each time. Offline would be great too, as someone who travels around countries that don’t always have internet, or the net cuts in and out often (mostly Asia). A browser should really be used for just that - browsing, so relying on it to provide my planning and tasklisting is counter-intuitive.

I think this is something that y’all should really consider, over any other features you may be working on. Your service is already great! There may be little things here and there, but this is a glaring issue and will only detract more customers than the small things.

Thank you

I agree and would like to see info from the Asana team

As I mentioned before, while it looks that Asana is not planning to release a true native macOS client anytime soon, we at Apparent Software (over 10 years experience developing for the Mac), are developing one right now, named Prana, and you can sign up for the beta, get early access and have your say.

We’ll have an update on its development announced to our subscribers in the coming days.

We’re currently focused on two things:

Help identify what tasks one needs to do (basically “My Tasks” view) of the workspace and basic management (mark tasks as done, see details, comment).

A native macOS share extension to quickly create tasks in Asana from various contexts in the system (from Safari, for example), like other native Mac To-do apps.

If you’re interested in following our progress, share your needs for it, and get on the beta when it’s ready (some things already work and it progresses quickly), sign up for updates here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them here, too.


Jacob, is this a true native app or a webview wrapper?

True Native. That’s why it takes time to build :slight_smile:


Company of 1500 users here demoing out PM softwares - Asana dropped from 1st to 3rd because of the lack of a native Mac app. +1500 votes


Hey Jacob,

Are you guys getting nearer to an Alpha/Beta? Happy to deal with slightly rough software, I’m in a hybrid roll of ops, software support so doing a little end-user debugging won’t be a problem.

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Hi Mike, we are getting nearer to releasing a basic-featured client. You can sign up to be notified about our progress by following the link in my post at Desktop Asana app - #105 by Jacob_Gorban

I’ve already signed up to the email list, just hoping to get my hands on something :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Jacom, will your client be able to sync to the Reminders App? Would love this feature.

Subject says it all! Tired of losing track of Asana in my many browser tabs. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work!


Nice idea. It would be great to have an Evernote-like app for a desktop. Maybe it could incorporate both Asana and this community in one place.


Yes, please, Windows / Mac Desdtop app is essential! :heart_eyes:
Hate working on a browser.


@Nikolas_Tilaveridis there is actually a larger thread about that very request. I posted an Windows & Mac app for Asana there: Desktop Asana app - #40 by Johannes_Deml

It is created with nativefier (GitHub - nativefier/nativefier: Make any web page a desktop application)


I agree - this is essential!

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Yes, agreed!!!

Hi folks!

Many thanks for your feedback; we already have a thread on this topic, so I have gone ahead and merge this thread into the main one to consolidate feedback!

Have all a great Monday!