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Pretty disappointed that there’s not way to contact support even when the documentation lacks what you are looking for.

This is probably the wrong section, but I found that this one was the most suitable.
I’m an IT admin in charge of managing app deployment over our mac fleet and Asana is giving me a bit of trouble:
I can’t seem to find update settings? Within the app and within the config files.
First of all does it Auto update ? If so how can I disable it ?
Secondly I found some users with the app suggesting to download the new version, how can I disable it ?

Our users aren’t allowed to install anything on their own but they keep trying anyway and create tickets beacuse ‘It DoEsNt WorK’.
Our MDM is used to deploy apps and updates but we obviously can’t react on day one.

For what I have seen there isn’t much setting concerning the desktop app itself. It looks like a bland electron port.
Is there anyway to manage this app or will we force each of our users to only use the web version ?

Hey @Faustin_Del_Testa

Welcome to the forum and sorry that you are frustrated with managing asana app.
As a user, I know that the asana app is not listed on the App Store, I got to download it from the web, which means that it will auto refresh / update whenever there is an update available.

Other apps which are downloaded from the App Store are usually available via our IT admin portal for download and updates as you intend them to be. So I suggest you contact asana support seeking clarity with how to deploy the security controls and hopefully they will be able to assist.

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For me that is indeed an electron wrapper updating itself, and no way to disable auto-update.


I can’t find anyway to message them directly from the help page. I keep being redirected to some article or the the main help hub. This is some serious puzzle.
If there really is a way to contact them, well it’s pretty well hidden.

Looks like these guys doesn’t even want to deal with support and leave it to the community.

What a shame for our users.

Thank you for the answers anyway.

Hello @Faustin_Del_Testa
On the support page, select I am having trouble with and scroll all the way to the bottom. You will find a box that says let’s talk.

Click on it and you can fill a form and support team will be in touch.

Hope this helps.

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(FYI moving this thread to the #tipsandtricks forum section which is the right place for it)


Thanks a lot !

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