Designating Main Project for a task that lives in multiple projects at once

So as you know you can add a task to multiple projects and that is great but i ran into a problem regarding this where i need the task to show at a glance which is the main project that it is in, but instead it starts off showing the extra projects that it is added in. Practical example: Task 1 is in “Project X” but it is also added to “Projects Timeline [Team XYZ]” for tracking purposes. Now, for some reason when you get an inbox regarding this task, on the top of the notification it says: “Projects Timeline [Team XYZ]” and 1 more. It should be the other way around to quickly understand what project that task is referring to, otherwise all tasks will say “Projects Timeline [Team XYZ]” first and you have to click on them to see the full project list.

Is there any way to control this behaviour? Otherwise i would suggest to have a feature where you can mark the main project so that will always take priority over others in order and view cases.

No easy way to control the behavior. I’m not even sure that precedence in time is effective. Agreed it is an issue. This is a real downside of the use of “multi-homing” as the only mechanism to allow visibility of e.g. one Project’s milestones in the Timeline of another Project.

HI @Alex_Vaida, thanks for providing this feedback!

While this feature isn’t available right now, hopefully it’s something our Product team can implement in the future. I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #product-feedback category.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

If you add the main Project first, it should always show first in the Inbox. I’ve tested this thoroughly and it has always worked for us. (We use multihoming alot, with some Tasks being present in up to 4 or 5 projects)

You can also hover over “1 more” and it shows you the other poject(s) its assigned to

This is simply not true. I tested it right now.
I created a task in project 1 then added it to project 2.
Then I created a new task in project 2 and added it in project 1.
Both times when i get a notification Project 2 shows as the main one. Please check the screenshot.

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I replicate your result, Alex. Even in the Inbox, I on occasion see the last-added project on top, looking at the Task detail pane.

It does seem that there is the potantial for multiple use cases and varied paths of projects being added and deleted. (Also Task history can be partially deleted, which makes it hard to be sure of what was added when.) Perhaps with limited or well-defined procedures, it is possible to always get the important Project on top, in the Task detail pane in the Inbox.

It’s definitely NOT the case that My Tasks shows the earliest-added Project first. (Not that anyone said so, just alluding to what might be a reasonable user expectation.) My exhibit:

Given how fragile this behavior appears to be, one cannot rely on it IMO.

Hey @ Alex_Vaida
I managed to replicate your situation as well. It’s really weird, our older projects don’t have this problem, in all the newer ones, it’s exactly as you described…