Description field, action history history - NEED TO show / hide


Sorry if this is a rant…but really it’s a product feature request. We can’t be alone in this. How many of you have lengthy description fields in a task, followed by a dozen or more subtasks, followed by the action history that shows every little change, followed by dozens of comments? I know we do.

The issue is that there’s no way to show or hide these or expand…or something. It causes the user to have to scroll for eons to get to the field you need to look at, but then you have to scroll all the way up to get to another field. For example, you have a description field with info for a designer and your team uses the comments to discuss changes, after which you make final changes to the description. You have to keep scroll up and down to see comments and see what they’re referring to.

This is even harder to manage when there are loads of subtasks too. A simple button to click that says “expand” or “show more”, which by the way is a feature in the Comments section, would solve this issue.

Thoughts? How do you deal with this?


That is a great idea !!! Especially the action history gets too long and i would love to hide them !!!


Thanks @Das_Praxisteam! I would think many people would love this option. I have many tasks with long descriptions and any time there’s a change, the history list gets longer and longer. @Alexis do have any ideas on how to fix this or suggest it to developers?