Dependent tasks in API


I’ve looked at the API docs and don’t see support for discovering dependent-on task relationships. Just double-checking that it is not supported. I’m currently building out a dashboard for a large project, and having access to it would allow me to build tools that would make reasoning about the task dependency graph much more feasible.


Hey Gordon, sorry you spent time looking through the docs for this. Unfortunately, we don’t yet support dependencies in the API. We hope to build this out in the future, though I don’t have a timeline of when this would happen. Best of luck building the reporting tool. Let us know if you have any other questions. It would be awesome if you could share what you build. It would likely be helpful to other Asana users and may also help us make the case to prioritize dependencies.


That is a pity. Take a look at quite simple Gantt chart from instagantt. I managed to draw all of the dependencies in Instagantt between the tasks quite fast. Doing that via Dependent on… will take me a lot of time, but if I want to have task dependency graph to help my team coordinate, I’ll have to repeat all that dependency management in Asana yet another time. Maintaining dependencies in Instagantt and in Asana becomes quite complex task. Having dependencies in Asana API (and editable) would help Instagantt to provide even more value to Asana!


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Hi @Myroslav_Opyr!

We have been waiting for the Asana dependencies API too. I agree with you that maintaining it in both apps is quite complex… Fortunately our infrastructure is ready to sync with the future waiting_on field on the API. We just need the Platform team to release it :slight_smile:


With the upcoming Timelines release one can speculate “unfair competition” :slight_smile: with these waiting_on field release delays.


this is a critical path to allowing us to fully integrate instagantt and asana into our product development process.


I’m also waiting for this feature to sync the dependencies with Instagantt.


+1. This is the missing link for our product development efforts too (we are using Asana and Instagantt already but need to integrate with our in-house Tech Tree tool to facilitate planning… until we can read and create task dependencies via API, we will continue to grind out this integration via spreadsheet export/import…).


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Done. My immediate need for this feature has passed, in part because it wasn’t supported, so I moved on. It would be excellent to be able to use Asana’s underlying platform for more complex visualizations, though.


Our votes paid off! Now we have Task dependencies in API already. It is not exactly waiting_on field that we expected, but dedicated set of endpoints to get/add/remove dependencies. Anyway it should be ok to work with (at the cost of several extra API calls within the existing quotas).

Do you have any ETA on Asana Task dependencies support in Instagantt?


Hi @Myroslav_Opyr! I’m so excited with your enthusiasm!

The good news is that it’s already in production since last sunday! :slight_smile:

How it works:

If you have previously set up dependencies in Instagantt, they have more authority than dependencies you can set in Asana. By making any change on that task (name, start, due, or dependencies), it will get in Sync with Asana dependencies (Asana dependencies will get overwritten with the dependencies already set in Instagantt).

If a task doesn’t have dependencies in Instagantt but have dependencies in Asana, you’re ready to go. They are already sync’d.

The next time you set a dependency in Instagantt it will also propagate to the Asana dependencies. And changing dependencies in Asana will reflect in Instagantt too.

Let me know how it works for you!