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This could also go in TIL section because I just saw this today. I was hoping to get tips on how others are using the “Dependent On” feature. Does this automatically repopulate for recurring tasks or is it single task dependent? How does this work with sub-tasks or does it? Seems this could replace sub-tasks if the sub-tasks are being used as an indicator that the top level task can be completed once the sub-tasks are complete?


Hi @PaulaL! Here are a couple resources to get you started:



Dependencies do work for subtasks, however there is a small chance that you’ll encounter a bug that we’re working to resolve.

Dependencies on recurring tasks work, as well. If a recurring task (let’s call this, Recurring 1) is marked as waiting on another task, called Dependent 1, )that also happens to be recurring) the following will happen for each of the scenarios below:

  1. When Dependent 1 is completed, Recurring 1 will no longer be “waiting on” Dependent 1. The Dependent 1 task will recreate itself as a standalone task.

  2. When Recurring 1 is completed, it will recreate itself and will still be “waiting on” Dependent 1.


It definitely could, and I think some people would recommend it! I think it’s probably less intuitive than subtasks, though - just because people are more familiar with the concept of subtasks. Once you explain dependencies (and how to see in the activity/stories section what task it was dependent on), it would be a better use case.


Hi @Alexis,

I’m not able to make the dependencies on recurring tasks work as you describe. For example:

Task B (due 6.5) is dependent on Task A (due 6.1). Both are recurring. After completing those tasks, the new, automatically created Task B (now due 6.12) is no longer dependent on the new Task A (now due 6.8).


Hi there! It looks like things are working differently than we thought. I apologize for any misleading information.

The functionality today is:

  • Task A1 is recurring

  • Task B1 is recurring and dependent on Task A1

  • Task A1 is marked complete, this creates Task A2

  • Task B1 is marked complete, this creates Task B2

  • Task B2 is now dependent on Task A1.

Looks like the desire is for Task B2 to be dependent on Task A2, but that’s not the case based on the current functionality.

Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with. We’d be happy to explore other options with you.


Hello, I am also working with situation Alexsis explained above. Is there going to be functionality, that new task B2 will be dependent on A2?


Hi. We would also like to create chains of recurrent, dependent tasks. Has this issue been addressed/fixed? The current implementation (as described by Alexis, above) doesn’t make much sense.
Thank you!