Dependencies with fixed time

Hi there, the attached photo shows the milestone “handover” and “kitchen installation” whereby kitchen installations is dependent on the handover and always happens 1 weeks after the handover.

How could I define a fixed time of 1 week and connect it to the dependency? Whenever the handover (duration 1 day) gets postponed, the date of kitchen installations should move 1 week from handover date too…

Looking forward to your comments.


This does not exist as a native feature in Asana. At the moment only Flowsana from @Phil_Seeman can do this.

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The only way is to define a 1-week task in Asana in the middle, and always change due date from the timeline view with dependency conflict avoidance being toggled on.

Even this workaround won’t work both ways, though, right? If you move Permits earlier, Asana won’t move Kitchen Installation earlier to match.

In contrast, Flowsana will. :slight_smile:


Yes exactly Phil it works one way only.

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