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Hi Guys,
We just started using Asana in our Office recently and we are trying to set up for the team to start using it. I have two questions:
a) can we have user roles and permissions in the team?
Users like Admin and Other users
Permissions like can edit, can view, can change
like we don’t want everybody to keep changing the tasks, we need them to mark the jobs as complete or not complete and write in the custom fields…

b) Dependencies: Say we have made a template and have set all dependencies there, which are as per dates. Eg. Task 1 is main task and Task 2 is the dependent task.
Now when we use the template and change the date of the task 1, automatically the date of task 2 should also change. Which is not happening. Is there any way of doing it.
Please help


Hi @Chhavi_Jain. Welcome to the community.

a) I do not believe user permissions are that dynamic. I found more discussion on this in the community when I first started if you search “permission”. You might find it helpful. The Team Onboarding category may be helpful for you too.

b) I don’t think so. There is currently no way to automate the dates so that they change that way. There are a lot of great conversations about due dates and automation in the Product Feedback category and you can vote on the features you’d like to see implemented. :slight_smile:


Regarding #2, I might be able to build a custom template for you and host it on We already have this kind of solution where a template have a task taking the importation date as a reference and then each task can have this date +X days. You can send me a private message here or email me


There is a very large discussion about this here: Asana User Permissions. It’s a big problem for my team and I hope Asana has a solution in place soon!

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