Dependencies In Advanced Search!


I have admittedly been less on the community due to submerged in moving but I noticed today that dependencies was added to Advanced Search, a request I have been begging for (yes Asana does listen). Now it would be nice if @Alexis would give a brief explanation of the field elections and let us know if this has been officially released or is in select roll-out. Very nice to see this happening.

My guess would be:

Blocking-Tasks assigned to you that are blocking other tasks based on due dates
Blocked- My tasks that are being blocked by others based on due dates
Not Blocked- Waiting on tasks that are within the due date layout.

Just a guess though.



If this is what it appears to be it changes the game for Asana in the use of Waiting On, no longer just a field in a task you actually can use Advanced Search to create what was missing, who is waiting on who, who am I blocking, tasks that have a Waiting On but are not blocking anybody. This completes the circle on an advanced feature. Thank you Asana, great new addition.


I’ve been playing around with this. You can see these not just for yourself but for anyone that falls within your search parameters. It’s great…up to a point. You can’t tell what is actually being blocked or what is blocking a blocked task. So, these would be wonderful fields to include in the download. Especially since there is no current way to view dependencies within a downloaded CSV - at least that I’ve found - if someone has a way to do this, I’d love to hear about it!