Dependencies - How to Know Which Project It's For?


We use Asana for all of our Engineering Projects, and make good use of the Project Templates. The trouble is that so many of our tasks have similar names (or exactly the same) that when we go to mark a task as waiting on another task, Asana populates a list of tasks with the same name across all of our projects, rather than just the tasks within that project. Is there a way to just have it pull from the current project and task that it’s in? Am I missing something?

Thank you Asana Community!



usually it is possible to see the project the task belongs too, just below the task name.
If you do not see it I recommend to add an abbreviation for the project to the task in brackets. I do the same for projects with the same name I have in different teams.

A roadmap project is in every team, if it is in Marketing I call it:
Roadmap (Marketing)

If someone wants to add a task to a roadmap he immediatly sees which department roadmap it is.

For readers who are not yet familiar with the Waiting on feature:



It depends on the amount of projects you are talking about. I use the project’s name initials at the beginning of the task. This way, when if you are searching for a task by its generic name, the list populates with the different initials. If the list of projects you have are not too large and do not share too similar of names, it would be possible to distinguish them.
On a different note, I ask all my team who want to use the templates to customise them to their own projects. So if there activity is quality check, or system demo, etc, I advise them to add a bit more to the task to make it project specific.
Hope this helps!


Thanks @Sebastian_Paasch and @RashadIssa! Unfortunately I think we have too many tasks (I’m talking hundreds of tasks) in each project (and also hundreds of projects) for team members to realistically update each one. We’ll play around some more and see if we can find another work around! :slight_smile: