Dependencies for Timeline Development

I am the sole project manager on my team and I am working to implement a critical path and innovation timeline into Asana to support the team’s growth. It currently feels like the team loves Asana for all other project, task items and meeting agendas, but I am having difficulties getting it to smoothly work for timeline and scenario generating.

In past PM work and with other tools to make quick changes it has been a massive time saver to put in a dependency for a task and a duration and have it auto populate. It feels very repetitive to have to put in a dependency and then also put in a start and finish date. I would like my tasks to start immediately after their dependency and don’t want to have to update every line item if one task shifts.


Hello @Alex_Harvey1,

Did you have a look at this already: Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana

On the timeline view you can easily drag and drop tasks and move them in bulk as well: Timeline • Asana

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Thanks Andrea - this is helpful! I think I am aligned to how this part works, but when i have an original task input with many tasks, my concern is more around manually having to input start and finish dates for each task. It would be nice if you put in a dependency that the task would autopopulate with a start date that is automatically after the completion date of the blocking task . For example if task A is from Jan 1 - Jan 14 and Task B takes 1 week and is depending on Task A . I would be nice to be able to input a length of 1 week and it auto fill a start and end date. It would save a lot of time and allow you to alter task durations and create a complete timeline much more quickly.

FYI this is exactly how the Dynamic Duration workflow type works in our Flowsana integration.

Thank you I wasn’t aware of Flowsana. Is this an additional payment or free for Asana users?

Alex Harvey

Hi @Alex_Harvey1,

While it’s tightly integrated with Asana, it is a separate independent product and is a separate cost (after a 30-day free trial period).

Thank you Phil

I will give this a test run

Alex Harvey